Suncorp Metway Enterprise 2.0

24 Aug

For many years i have banked with Suncorp Metway. The company offeres banking services, loans and insurance. There are over 1 million poeple who use suncorp services the world over and this means that a lot of poeple trust and support the business to do the right thing by their customers. But what if enterprise 2.0 was implemented within the whole company. What would be the implications.

Malcom Burrows, a local brisbane solicitor has come up with a list of negative effects the implententation of Enterprise 2.0 within a company;

Loss of confidential information;
Trademark infringement and loss of brand reputation;
Copyright infringement;
Misleading and deceptive conduct;
Passing off;
Organisational reputation risk;
Breach of continuous disclosure obligations for public companies;
Vicarious liability;
Negligent misstatement;
Occupation and industry specific risks as they are embodied in organisation specific legislation.


These are all very serious points and i think in the region of privacy and information security, especially to do with a major bank, it would not be a good idea at all to be implementing a Enterprise 2.0 system.


Benifits and Risks of Enterprise 2.0 Implementation

15 Aug

This week i am going to look at the benifits and risks of the implementation of Enterprise 2.0. In my opion there are many more benifits for a company to have Enterprise 2.0 implemented. It alows people to, no matter where they are, to collaborte with each other. This can be very usefull if there is a project team spread over different countries all working on the same task. A company, no matter how big or small, doesn’t want to be paying employees to do the same work as each other.  The biggest benifit to a company with Enterprise 2.0 being implemented would have to be a massive increase in productivity. A lot of money could be saved from employees being able to constanly communicate and collaborte with each other.

Now i did say I thought there were more benifits but there always have to be negatives in any new policy’s or implementation within companies. One of the major negitives will be the lack of security. Becuase many people are going to be able to access a lot of different information the security will have to be beefed up to accomodate for that.

AT&T is the largest provider of fixed telophony in the US and has a major controlling maket of mobiles as well. This company has in the past decade been one of the success stories for the implementation of Enterprise 2.0. I looked at a case study to do with AT&T and the link is provided:

In my opion AT&T should create a tecnical support forum, but for the users of the AT&T netowrk. Many issues are posted up onto the forum and employees within AT&T try to resolve these problems. Once they have been succesfully resolved they are poseted onto the forum for the public to see. This can then be like a troubleshooting page for all users to locate and look through first before contacting customer support. It was a great idea and almost all compies are now picking up on it as a way to save time and expences.

Web 2.0 Tools – Productive or Time Wasting?

7 Aug

In my opion Web 2.0 tools are the things that make and shape the internet. Think about five of your favourite sites right now. Im quite sure sites such as facebook, twitter and youtube would be in many of your top fives. I know youtube is in mine. These are all web 2.0 sites as they allow users to collaborte with each other as well as posting their own material. We live in a world where almost everyone wants to be regognised, either for doing something stupid, funny, smart or sporty. Web 2.0 tools alow these people to be regognised all over the world. this is why they have become so popular.  

Now we all know that these internet tools are important – but are they effective in being time productive or time wasting. There would be many arguments in this field but i am going to give you all my perspective. Now i am not a big user of the facebook, twitter, msn or myspace scene. I do have a facebook, myspace and msn account but they would probably be used about once a day to two days. The only reason i will usually go on is if i am interested in what my friends are doing. One situation which I always seem to fall into is when im doing an assignment. I will be trying to think of ideas or things to write when i get distracted and go onto youtube or facebook. Once started it can not be stopped. One video might interest me on youtube. I watch it and then find another video on the suggestion tab which i want to watch. this might go on for half an hour untill I realise that i need to get back tot he assignment. I’m sure lots of people know what im talking about. In this case these tools can be very time wasting.

Now i want to give you all an experience of producivity that occured to me when i was applying for my last job. I currently work for optus in one of their stores. when i was applying for the store position io went through the usual procedure of interviews and by the end i was offered the job over 200+ other people. I was told by the optus boss that the only reason i got the job was becuase of my facebook profile page. He told me that he went through all possible employees after the last interview stage and viewed their facebook profiles. He saw mine as a respectable and trusting person so he gave me the job. There were no inappropiate pictures, or comments on the page and this is what inevitably lead me to getting my job.

There are many pro’s and con’s to do with web 2.0 tools but in my case i would rather have got the job and wasted 1/2 hour on an assignment.

Blogging in the 21st Century

27 Jul

In today’s technology dominant world it’s hard to get away from the massive social communication tools, such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. They control the developed countries population and most people can’t go a day without updated their status, or following what their idols are doing or saying.

Blogging is another form of social communication, but from what I have seen so far Blogging is in a world of its own. It’s informative, educational, and opinionative. It allows people to express what they are feeling through intelligent, structured paragraphs. This is why I have created this blog and will now provide weekly blogs to the community about what interests or bothers me.

Hello world!

20 Jul

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!